I want to write an alternative version of Romeo and Juliet where instead of being a little ponce and trying to work things out for himself, Romeo asks his smarter friends what to do about the whole thing and Benvolio and Mercutio come up with the world’s greatest…

"I rode an elevator with a guy who was whistling the tune of ‘this is the song that never ends’. Putting that on me? Come on dude…"

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“I would choose the girls, we’re all sisters, I can’t live without them anymore. Haha. And I’m sure you guys would be there with us too because Dinah wouldn’t stop sending you snapchats. Haha!”
— Camila Cabello, in response to the question If you were lost on an island for a day, who would you choose to be with you? You can only choose one person! [x] (via 5horbust)

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this is like my fave joke

okay that shit was good.

When was the last time you’ve had contact with Chad Michael Murray? (x)

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comment from a person on youtube whose name i don’t remember.

this is how you make “gay jokes” folks

having two parents of any gender would suck because when u need one of them you’d be like “mom” and the wrong one will reply and you have to go “not you the OTHER one” and thats why if i marry a girl and we have kids she can be mom and i will be optimus prime

optimus prime

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